YouTube is one the best and trending social media platform .

With 2 billion active users YouTube provides a good potential to make audience and earn online .

But the need is of quality and regular content so to gather audience

Getting content for uploading videos on YouTube is really a difficult job .

To be popular and get a million views on YouTube you have to post videos regularly and for posting you need the content . Don’t worry , i am here to provide you some possible Video for YouTube ideas for you .

You can work on this idea if you are interested and don’ t forgot to share the article if you find it useful.

Get the Best Videos for YouTube Ideas out there .

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Here are the best 25 best videos for YouTube ideas for –

Travel videos

Everyone likes to travel and everyone is interested to see new places around the world.

But due to work and some other conditions many people don’t have the opportunity to travel .

If you are lucky enough that you travel a lot to new places you can start a travel vlog .

Every time to visit a new place it is a new content and new videos .

Give people the experience of visiting new places , meeting new people , natural beauties in their devices .

Travel videos have a good potential the only need is of great videos .

Daily vlog

so you meet a lot of new people and have a very interesting day schedule you can share that on YouTube and entertain the audience .

You can start daily vlog channel on YouTube

Where you will show the things happening around you and your life .

There are lot of famous daily vloggers on YouTube you can check out there videos to get some ideas .

A day in the life

Create some videos on daily schedule of some famous people , if you have some contacts .

Audience is really much interested in the daily life of successful and famous people .

Go and try to reach them to make videos and put up in your channel .

This can help you by attracting their already build audience and your videos will get a lot of traffic .

Review channel

You know how to review products ?

You can review products in a niche and upload it on YouTube .

Seriously , this is the best videos idea

In this idea you can also put Amazon affiliate links so that people can buy from affiliate links and you get good commissions .


This ideas will also bring a lot of traffic from search engines as people really check reviews of products before buying anything online .

You can check out Marques Brownlee who is tech reviewer and has got 11.5 billion subscribers with 1.96 billion views .


Stand up comedy

Have interest in stand up comedy or you are established stand up comedian

Come show your talent on YouTube , people will love it .

Stand up comedy is a serious profession nowadays , if you want to become one

Try starting from YouTube , this can gain you serious popularity and income as well .

Check out the stand up comedians on YouTube , they are rolling the stage .

Tech channel

You are a techie guy and got a good technology knowledge .

You can get into a Tech niche channel , where you can solve tech problems of people .

Most of the people on internet need guidance for doing something .

Start making videos and put up on your channel .

Tech channel has more competition but you can outbreak if you have serious problem solving ability .

You can check out a lot of channels with name – “Tech ( name )”


If you are a teacher or have a passion to teach students .

You can teach students online on youtube .

You can make videos on different topics which you want to teach .

Students really look forward to get a good online teacher and they can even save money for tutoring .

Explore around

Exploring around for great cuisines , shops or scenic views in your city could be a great content because a lot of people are unaware of their own cities .

Exploring can give you good content , you can check out different places , malls , food , markets .

If you live in a dream places like – Los angeles , Las vegas , Italy , Venice , Spain , Tokyo and many more , You should definitely try this idea .

As people are always ready to see beautiful places .

Motivational speaker

Giving motivation by making inspiring videos using live examples can help a lot of motivation seekers surfing the internet .

You can show your life experiences or struggle if you have achieved something great .

Or you can interview people who are really on top of something .

These can be businessmen , Sportsmen , Actors .

Your videos can really help persons aspiring inspiration and mentor-ship .

Business ideas videos

Providing business strategies and ideas can be a great vlog idea . it can attract much of the viewers.

You can tell people how to be successful in life and how to build great mindset .

Business ideas can be really life changing and help a lot of people on internet .

I personally like a channel called “Great ideas Great Life ” on YouTube .


Taking interviews of some great personalities or inspiring persons and teach your audience some of the great moral value can be a great videos for YouTube idea .

Interviews are really a source of motivation for beginners in any field .

You just need some contacts and request them to be featured at your channel .

I have also got lots of inspiration for blogging from listening interviews on ted talk .

Health and fitness channel

As the awareness of health care is increased in people , they have started consuming more health related content .

So , there is really of need to produce more health content .

You can make content by providing health tips through your YouTube channel .

Today a lot of audience is not aware of some health facts which you can research on and present .

If you are a nutritionist or a gym coach you can help a lot of people and get a passive income .

Do it yourself videos

DIY or Do it yourself is really popular these days .

You can teach people DIY skills on YouTube if you have one .

if you have the skills of making the things like decoratives , daily use items , paper craft , and many more , you can create a DIY channel and present your craft skills

Online courses

Online courses can be a good idea for those having some presentable skill for eg . digital marketing , SEO .

Today if you search for digital maketing course, SEO course , codding you will be directed to pay in order to get courses .

The idea is to provide free courses if you have knowledge of one and attract viewers .

You can create playlists for courses and give out free value to viewers .

Food vlog

Anyone having a good taste of food can start a food vlog using this idea .

exploring and presenting the best food available in locality is the main content .

Get to every eating place in your city , neighboring cities , other countries and whatever but the content will really tasty for viewers .

Get a camera and mic and start exploring around your beautiful locality in search of great food ever .

Cooking vlog

Got good cutlery skills ?

Try starting a recipe or cooking tips channel .

Having a good cutlery skills can also help you start up a vlog .

Just make some nice videos in your kitchen and rock on youtube .

NEWS vlog

Gathering NEWS and information can also be a content idea .

Be alert and Gather some of the breaking news or controversies around you , capture it in your videos and upload on the news vlog .

Anyone can use this vlog idea but have to be aware of where to collect news .


Like Playing games ?

Start uploading game plays of new and latest games .

Game plays are watched by a lot of viewers online .

You can also give your reviews regarding the games and compatible devices.

IF you have represent able gaming skills you can start live streaming games on YouTube .

For eg . NINJA , a famous gamer makes around 500000$ per month by streaming games .


Singing and dance tutorial

if you are brilliant in singing and know dancing make some really good stuff and upload , this gonna enhance someone’s art skills .

You can take live sessions for dancing and singing and gather huge audience interested in learning dance or singing

If you don’t shy to be on camera .

Beauty tips

Create a beauty channel and give best beauty tips to viewers .

Most women search for some tips and tricks online .

You can make additional income with this idea by promoting affiliate products like cosmetics , clothing , accessories etc .

House tours

Today people look for good housing and apartments available online .

you can show the locality and housing available in the locality .

If you work in real estate this idea can be quite beneficial as everyone is going digital .

Immigration tips

Immigration information is really required in India , many people are migrating to western countries and a lot of immigration agents are taking advantage of that .

You can research on immigration rules and regulations and make videos on that .

You can also provide new updates and tips for international journey for immigrants or tourists .

Adventurous videos

This is a sub topic under travel vlogs but you can start up making videos of para gliding , river rafting or trekking . these videos are very much liked on YouTube .

Try going to various adventurous events , amusement parks and record content .

Animation videos

If you are a motion graphic designer or know how to make a animation videos you can make small cartoon videos channel on YouTube .

These videos are very much seen by kids .

Sports tips

Good at playing sports like basketball , cricket , football

You can make a YouTube channel on tricks and tips for viewers interested in sports .

Once you have created great content and channel you have to monetize your videos .

To monetize your content try affiliate marketing and start earning passive income .