How much money youtubers make ? – How to make even 1000$ a month ?

How much money youtubers make ? - How to make even 1000$ a month ?

YouTube is the most enjoying and great way to make money as well as fame . 

Pursuing your passion and making a ” descent ” money can be fulfilled by YOUTUBE .

YOUTUBE is a great social media platform which is growing and growing and those who are involved in it are also . For example , “The TOP YOUTUBERS ” 
Everyone at a time must have wondered the most asked question – 


According to FORBES , The earnings of top YouTubers in 2019 are – 
  1. RYAN KAJI – Earnings: $26 million

    Earnings: $20 million


    Earnings: $18 million 


    Earnings: $17.5 million 


    Earnings: $17 million


    Earnings: $14 million


    Earnings: $13 million


    Earnings: $13 million 

  9. DANTDM – 

    Earnings: $12 million


    Earnings: $11.5 million

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Now comes the point that how do they earn so much or how do they monetise their content 


What are the ways to make money on YouTube ? 

YouTubers make money by joining YouTube partner program and using these features :- 




Hwo much money youtubers make and how can you ?

Earn by displaying google ads on your content . The ads could be Display ads , overlay ads , skippable video ads , non skippable video ads , bumper  ads and sponsored ads . 
Usually Google takes 40% of the revenue paid by the advertisers and left is payed to the content creators . 
usually the ad pays around 2 – 3$ per 1000 views to your content . 
Suppose , you get around 50,000 views to your channel daily and in a month the views will be 1,500,000 . 
We keep the minimum value of ad payment as 2$/1000 views . 
So , in the end of the month you would be paid 3000$ as ad revenue . 
Once you have earned 100$ you will be paid as 100$ is the threshold amount .  
But , its not so easy pal , there is eligibility criteria to join google adsense and you have to create quality content and increase your subscribers . 
ELIGIBILITY – The eligibility to join YouTube partner program is – 
  • Follow all the YouTube monetisation policies                                                          
  • Live in a country or region where YouTube partner program is available .                 
  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.         
  • Have more that 1000 subscribers .                                                                      
  • Have a link adsense account . 



Channel memberships 

Once you have gained a lot of subscribers to your channel and lot of fans you can create a pay gate to enter your channel . 

Subscribers would have to pay the recurring monthly amount to stay with you and get to see your highly productive content . 

This can be a good way to earn money from YouTube but you have to provide great content to the viewers so that they stick to them . 

But this cannot be the great way to earn from YouTube  for newbie YouTubers . 

In this fans can sponsors an content creator at a monthly price of 4.99$ and can access digital content from the creator .

The digital content could be custom emojis , stickers or badges . 

The eligibility for this could be :- 

  • Be at least 18 years old                                                                                      
  • Have more than 30,000 subscribers 


Merchandise shelf 

You can showcase stuff like T-shirts , Logos , bracelets with your branding on your watch pages . 
This can create a lot of money if you have serious viewers . 
You can make your channel as a brand by this method . 
Your fans can feel as a part of your community by having your branded stuff . 
But have to get a lots of stuff ready for your fans to deliver them when they order . 
Advertise your stuff in your videos , display offers , put giveaways and see yourself making a good money .
You have to get 10,000 subscribers for this method . 

Affiliate links 

You can also monetize your videos by doing Affiliate marketing
If you don’t know about affiliate marketing check my previous post HERE . 
Affiliate marketing has a great potential . you can earn a lot by this method . 
You can make videos regarding affiliate products in a particular niche and promote them . 
Put up your links in the description so that your viewers could end up buying from your link . 
You can earn up a great money by this method .
You have to do proper SEO of your videos so that your videos rank and get great traffic . 

The traffic can become your subscribers and can be a great source of money .




There is no difficultly to star a YouTube channel , The one is to provide quality content . 
How to start a YouTube channel and earn money from it ? 


  • Find a niche or topic in which you can create content  

First task is to find the topic in which you are good at that could be gaming , teaching , cooking , influencing 

keep in mind the more content you put in the more you grow . 
So, take it seriously to find a good niche idea . 
Or you can check out GOOGLE TRENDS and check which topics are trending in which you can create content and earn money 
Invest your time in this task , do not panic to start a channel in hurry . That would end up in failing . 
Check out the top YouTube and observe them , how do the create content , what is their secret recipe , what to do to be like them . 

  • Don’t hesitate 


Do not care about what would people think and what would be their reaction . 

Just care about what you are doing and what to do next . 
Just keep in mind 

Firstly , they will laugh on you and when you succeed they will start copying you

One day you will be on the top , so keep you work up and keep in your head that ” SKY IS THE LIMIT ” 

  • Put content regularly 


One you have started the channel , now put your first video , second , third and so on . 

Don’t stop until you get a lot of likes on your videos.  

Regular content is the only key for large subscribers and be one of the top YouTuber . 

Regular content will help to spread your channel in whole YouTube and gather more viewers . 

  • Monetize your content 


Now comes the best part of monetizing your content. 

Once you have got 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time , You are able to join YouTube Partner Program . 

With YouTube Partner Program you are able to display ads on your videos  , Link your Ad sense account  . 

The more views you get the more you earn with ads .

Don’t every use copyrighted content in your videos . 

The owner of the copyrighted content can put copyright claim on your content and you cannot monetize your videos . 

And if you don’t stop using others content they can even put copyright strike on your channel and you channel will be deleted . 

So , just look for royalty free music  , clips , pictures on your content . 

  • Start Earning and enjoy !!!
YouTube is the most enjoying and great way to make money as well as fame . 

What are the ways to make money on YouTube ?

  • GOOGLE ADs                                                                                                   
  • CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS                                                                                     
  • MERCHANDISE SHELF                                                                                       

How can you start a YouTube channel and earn ?

  • DON’T HESITATE                                                                                                 
  • POST REGULAR CONTENT