How to become an Amazon affiliate and earn 10,000$ monthly

Amazon, as every one knows is the king of eCommerce industry .

Jeff bezos , the CEO of Amazon is the richest man on the planet with a net worth of $116 billion US$ 

Amazon made $87.4 billion of revenue in 2019 . 

isn’t that quite BIG ?

Today , the business of Amazon is unbeatable .  So , why not to be the the part of this community and earn from it ? 

Amazon has a lot of opportunities which can help to make money online , but this article will be going around AMAZON ASSOCIATES  



how to become an amazon affiliate ?

Amazon associates is the affiliate program by amazon , where Amazon pays commissions to their affiliates when they make a successful sale of an Amazon product through their affiliate links . 

Amazon associate is the great platform for affiliate marketing .

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Amazon has offered great way to earn passive incomes for affiliate marketers .

There is no investment required to join amazon affiliate program and even a person with zero technical skills can earn from amazon affiliate program .

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Why Amazon Associates ?

  • Top trusted eCommerce website 

Amazon is the top trusted e commerce website . 
Nearly half (46.7%) of U.S. internet users started product searches on Amazon compared with 34.6% who went to Google first, according to a May 2018 Adeptmind survey. 

Almost 9 out of 10 persons on internet trust Amazon , this will create more probability that a person will buy from your affiliate link . 

Amazon has a good pictures in the mind of the online shoppers due to great customer service , product quality , fast delivery , return policies and many more . 

Trust of a brand you are promoting with the audience can rapidly increase number of sales and your revenue .

Promoting a trusted brand like Amazon will definitely help you generate good revenue .   

  • A long list of products 

Amazon literally has a long list of products in every niche . 

Amazon has approximately 12 million products by itself and when counted with marketplace sellers on Amazon the count goes to 353 million products . 

So there would be a long list of products you can can promote in your content . 

You can choose the products which can be more profitable to you and choose from plenty of products to promote . 

you can have more than one product to promote in your content which will help to increase your revenue . 

  • Amazon provides good offers 

Amazon provides great offers as well as services to prime and non prime members
Amazon provides cash backs on many products available and gives upto 50% off on products which rise the conversion rate . 
The prime members also have great access to many offers like Delivery in one day , more cash backs 
and upto 80% off . 
And even there is no delivery fee for the prime members . 

  • Best customer support 

Amazon has the best customer support that’s the only reason for its success .

Amazon never lets their customers unsatisfied . They have good refund policies . 

Their customer executives never disappoint a customer .


How to make money using Amazon affiliate program ?


How to become amazon affiliate ?

Earning as an amazon affiliate is quite simple and easy task . It does not require any technical skills to promote amazon products through your links .

A lot of persons out there have already made more that 10,000$ per month with Amazon associates .

So, how can you make such money with Amazon .

You can promote Amazon links on the following platforms –


  • Blog/Website  

Blog / Website is a traditional way to earn affiliate commissions and using Amazon affiliate links can be worth it .

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog . You can write down the review of the particular product you are promoting .

Amazon would be the best platform to get links from as mentioned above .

You can make a website like this this website provides great deals on Amazon and provide affiliate links .

Don’t forget to do SEO for the blog/website so that it ranks on the first page and you get more traffic and sales .

  • Social media marketing 

You can do social media marketing to promote your affiliate products .

Social media marketing can be done on various social media channels like Instagram , Facebook , YouTube .
Put regular content related to your niche like videos , pictures and put in your link in the posts .
Don’t forget to put funnel page in between your link and sales page to grab emails and contact of your customers , so that you could be able to nourish them afterwards .
Social media marketing can be really productive if done in right way .
You should have to be persistent to get good results in social media marketing .
  • Email marketing

Email marketing is promoting product through email . Collect emails of your potential customers by using funnels , bridge pages .

Nourish them through email to buy your affiliate product through your link .

You will get the email pitch and swipes available to you by your affiliate program .

Email marketing is the best free method for affiliate marketing .

  • AD Campaigns 

Running ads for affiliate marketing is the best method for quick earning but it requires investment for ads .

For this you have to create a funnel page to collect emails and contact of the viewers who come through  your  ads .

You can create a beautiful funnel page using Clickfunnel .

Funnel can act ass a bridge to your sales page . so try to create a highly convertible funnel .

You can also a free training or ebook to make funnel more convertible .

Set up your budget for ads . You can use Facebook or google ads for affiliate marketing .

The more will be your budget the more persons it will reach .


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  • Learn the secrets to earn a huge income from AMAZON AFFILIATE . 

How to become an Amazon affiliate ?

Here are the steps to join Amazon Associate program 


  • If you are new to amazon click on Create your amazon account otherwise sign in . 


  • To create account you will see this window , put on your name , Email and confirm password . There is no need to create a new account if you already have Amazon account .

How to become an Amazon affiliate and earn 10,000$ monthly


  • Now you have to create your Amazon associate account . 

How to become an Amazon affiliate and earn 10,000$ monthly


  • You will need your info , name , address and website to put on in amazon associate . 


  • After creating Associate profile you are welcome in Amazon associate . Here search for any product you want to promote .
  • After getting the product click on the option to get links . 
  • You can select links for Text only , Text and Image and Image only . This is up-to you how  you want to show your link . 


  • Click on highlight link and copy it . for example , i have taken go pro camera  as a product .
  • Paste the HTML in your website and you are ready to go . 


Has Amazon associate came to an END ?

Recently , Amazon associate has updated commission plans for affiliates which has drowned the profits of some big affiliates . 

Amazon has recently announced decline in commission rates which has really affected the amazon affiliate program . 

How to become an Amazon affiliate and earn 10,000$ monthly

Has this announcement made a great negative impact on Amazon associate business ?

Well the answer is YES , many affiliates are shifting to other affiliate program so as to get regular income from affiliate marketing . 

Affiliates earnings have dropped more than 50% as compared to previous incomes .

Should new affiliates join to Amazon associate now ? 

After the new updates , new affiliates are in dilemma whether to join amazon affiliate or not ?

So , here the new affiliates have an opportunity to start as an Amazon associate because previous affiliates would be shifting to other affiliate programs and now new affiliates can grow their sites and blog easily .

They would have a low commission rate but new affiliates can have conversions quickly as compared to previous scenarios .

So , the new affiliates are welcome to join as soon as possible and start earning with affiliate marketing .

Feel free to share with new affiliates .

Best of luck .