How to make money on twitch – How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

If you are a gaming guy , who loves playing games and has really good skills in gaming .

You can showcase your skills to the audience and make money .

Yes ! this is possible and many gamers are earning millions of dollars showcasing their skills .

Twitch is the platform where you can stream games and earn money .

With 15 million daily active users Twitch is the best streaming platform for console gamers

Many streamers stream full time and earn a descent amount from twitch .

Lets keep the excitement and see how to make money on Twitch ?

How do twitch streamers make money

Making money on twitch is comparatively easier than other platforms like YouTube .

Twitch is very much supportive for the streamers in order to earn money .

There are many ways for streamers to earn on Twitch . These include

  1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the main earning method for Twitch streamers

Subscription fee is charged from viewers on twitch who want to subscribe for a particular streamer .

Subscribers subscribe to a streamer to show their love to the stream , this also motivates the streamer .

Subscribers also gain access to the various emotes , badges and emojis of the streamer which they can use in chat .

Subscriptions can be $4.99, $9.99 or $24.99 per month as the subscribers want .

Every subscriber has to pay every month if he/she wants to stay subscribed for the streamer channel .

Now , the streamer gets around half of the Subscription fee per month .

If the subscriber pays 4.99 $ per moth he/she will be paid 2-2.5 $ per month for the subscriber .

Top tier streamers ( Who has 10,000 or more views ) can make 3.50 $ per subscriptions

Lets do the Maths , If you got even 10 subscriber by streaming on twitch ( which will take time )

You can earn 10 x 2.5 = 25 $ every month , if the subscription fee for your channel is 4.99$ .

  1. Bits

Bits are the virtual money on Twitch

Bits are used by viewers to support the stream on twitch

Viewers can Buy bits and cheer up the streams the like on Twitch

Viewers can cheer with as much bits they want

These bits look like colorful gem emotes when used in stream

Viewers can also user cheer motes instead of gem emotes to cheer . these look like this

The more the stream in enjoying the more will viewers cheer and engage .

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing on twitch is also another way to earn on Twitch

Earlier Twitch had a feature of game sales which was when a viewer buys a game or in game items from sale showing on Streamers channel , streamers were paid 5% of the purchase .

This was like Game affiliate Marketing on Twitch

But this program was discontinued on twitch as this was not helping twitch to make great revenue .

As twitch is very supportive for the streamers for earning

Now , it has started another program called AMAZON BLACKSMITH

Amazon blacksmith is an extension for streams to install on their channel .

How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

With this extension twitch streamers can put Amazon associate links on their channel to promote any product .

For example , they can put their pc specs in their channel and put affiliate links from Amazon for every item used in PC .

If a viewer will buy from that link the streamer will earn commissions .

  1. Advertisements

Advertisements are the conventional ways to earn money online

You can display ads on YouTube videos to earn , you can display ads on your blog to earn online and even you can allow videos on your Twitch streams to earn money .

Twitch pays by CPM method to pay for playing ads on your stream .

CPM means Cost per 1000 impression

Means that twitch will pay you for every 1000 impression ads on your stream will have .

And According to CNBC Twitch streamers make 250$ per 100 subscribers as ad revenue .

Twitch partner ( which we will discuss ahead ) have the feature to control for how much time they can show the ads on their stream .

With this features Twitch makes it earning friendly for streamers .

  1. Sponsorship

While you stream games on twitch you are also building your audience

Which are your fans and they like to watch your stream and cheer for you

With this the audience have a trust on you and want to imitate you

With all that audience with you , you get famous and get approached by big brands

These big brands pay you to use their products and show it to your audience

You would get Their high quality products for free even .

For example you can see this picture –

How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

The Red Bull have sponsored “Ninja ” the biggest streamer on Twitch

  1. Tournaments

Twitch streamers also have the opportunities to earn money from twitch by taking part in e-sports tournaments

Twitch has announced Twitch Rivals where twitch affiliate and partners can join and play against other streamers

Tournaments have paid prizes for winners .

And even if you play well you can get a number of followers and subscribers which will add up your revenue from Twitch

Winning tournaments can pay you million of dollars from Twitch

Recently a new Game “Valorant ” from ESPN was launched with a Tournament on winner prize of 200000$

How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

How much do twitch streamers make

Twitch streamer make from thousands to even millions of dollars just by streaming games on twitch

As per CNBC

On average, pro-streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 per month playing 40 hours a week, just from the “sub button.” That number doesn’t include ad revenue, which averages about $250 per 100 subscribers.

Twitch streamers can easily make recurring money from subscriptions every month

Even if you manage to get 100 subscriptions for your channel , this will be 2.5 x 100 = 250$ every month other than the ads and donation revenue .

Making money on Twitch requires persistence and engaging content .

A twitch streamer named Disguised Toast revealed how much he earns per month by streaming on Twitch

He revealed he is a top tier Twitch streamer with 1,360,179 followers on Twitch

He Manages to earn more than 20,000$ per month . That’s great !!

He breakdowns his earning as –

  1. Ads revenue

He makes an Advertisement Revenue of 4000$ per month

He doesn’t also plays ads frequently on stream .

  1. Donations

Donations is via bits in Twitch

Disguised Toast gets around 2500$ of donations every month

  1. Subscribers

His major income comes from Subscriptions , as he has got 4000 subscribers on Twitch

So , 4000 x 3.5 = 1400$ per month

Highest paid twitch streamer

The average streamers are making 3000 $ – 5000 $ but how much are the top paid streamers making from twitch ?

The Highest paid streamer on Twitch is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

If you are a gamer or you take interest in games , there won’t be any chance you have not heard about NINJA

Ninja is the Top streamer on Twitch with 14 million followers

And these are other than subscribers which are 160,000 which is incredible !

How Much Ninja earns from Twitch or How much Highest paid Twitch streamer earns ?

As per the Subscriber count only we can calculate as NINJA has 160,000 paying subscribers

He makes 3.5 x 160,000 = 560,000 $ per month

But not all subscribers are paying so he makes around 500,000$ per month other than the ads and donations revenue

So he makes over 6 million $ per month easily

Can you make money on twitch

Yes , anyone can make money on twitch just by playing games and showcasing your skills

Twitch is open for every one who wants to be a content creator

But making serious money can take time on twitch

As the streaming competition has arise to 7.16 million streamers on july 2020

It has made difficult to get views and subscribers to your channel

But we will check out how to start streaming on twitch and tips to stand out and start making dollars

How to make money on twitch

For making money on Twitch you have to start creating content

You have to start streaming games on twitch

Lets look out how to start streaming on twitch

  1. Get a gaming console

Before start gaming and streaming getting a gaming console will be the main requirement

You can build a gaming PC or a console (Xbox , Play station )

  1. Set a broadcasting software

You have to install a Broadcasting soft ware which are free of cost

There are various software but the most used is OBS studio

Or you can also use Twitch studio which is a software by Twitch only

It is easy to use and very effective

You can check this video to know about the Twitch studio

  1. Sign up at Twitch

Now go to and create your account there

and create your channel in Twitch

  1. Set up your channel

Set your channel layouts and set up graphics to be used

Put up all your info like Schedule , Social links

  1. Start streaming

Now play the games in which you want to display your skills

Make the content engaging and gain more viewers .

How to Start making money on Twitch ?

To start making money on Twitch , You have to make your way to Twitch affiliate and then to Twitch partners

Twitch affiliate is the the checkpoint in twitch streaming where you are eligible to make money

Twitch affiliates allows to use various methods to monetize your content

Lets check out how to reach Twitch Affiliate –

  1. Reach 50 followers
  2. Stream for 8 hours
  3. Stream on 7 different days
  4. Average of 3 viewers (concurrent viewership including hosts and raids)
How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

Twitch Partners

Twitch partners is the level up from Twitch affiliates and for the streamers who are commited to the stream

Joining the Twitch partner gives you more features on your stream and more ways to monetize and control your content

Check out all the features as a Twitch partner

Lets check out the path to Twitch Partners

  • Stream for 25 hours
  • Stream on 12 different days
  • Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewership excluding hosts, raids and embeds)
How to make money on twitch - How do Twitch steamers make upto 6 million

How does twitch make money

Twitch is today one of the best e- sports streaming Site

Twitch valuation is around us $ 3.79 billion after it was bought by Amazon in bidding with Google at a Price of 1$ billion cash .

After this the Twitch kept on rising and now is the best platform

Twitch makes it revenue with various methods

  1. Advertisement revenue

Like any other media platform Twitch makes money from advertising fees by various advertisers .

This are the ads we see in streams and also the streamers make some portion from this ads as we have seen above .

  1. Bits

Bits are used by almost every twitch regular user .

Users have to pay for the the bits and use to pay them to streamers .

In these bits Twitch makes its profit .

  1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions is also a source of earnings from viewers

When a subscriber pays subscription he’s also paying to twitch other than the streamer as we have talked above .

How much do twitch streamers make per ad

According to CNBC Twitch streamers make 250$ per 100 subscribers as ad revenue

Streamers are paid as cost per 1000 impressions

Twitch affiliates can run ads to monetize their content

But the Twitch partners have the control over how much ads to show on stream

This can lower their stream quality but it will definitely make them money .

Some partners do not press the ads button frequently but they are making good amount per month

Like ” Disguised Toast ” reported in video that he was making 4000$ from ads revenue .