Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Writing review for products can pay you a lot of bucks , actually a thousands of them .

There are a lots of websites that can pay you hundreds of dollar to test and review for the product

Other than websites there are also a lot of ways to write review and earn online

Want to check out the ways to earn ?

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How to get paid to write reviews for products ?

Start your own blog

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Starting your own blog is the best way to write and earn a lot of money

There are several ways to earn from a blog rather than one

These are –


Affiliate marketing is the best way to write and earn . It has a lot more potential than Google adsense .

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing – check here

Affiliate marketing is earning commissions by selling a 3rd party product

You can write review of products in your niche and put up there affiliate links in the content

If the visitors at your content click your link and buy the product you get commission

You have to focus your content on the affiliate product you are promoting and convince the visitors to buy from your link

and this will be win – win situation for both visitors and you


Google adsense is also the way to monetize your blog

Google will display ads on your blog and according to visitors on your blog you will be paid

Usually Google pays around 1-2$ per 1000 views and it also depends on the location , keywords and niche of your blog

It also pays at cpc , if a person clicks on ads on your blog you will be paid

But google ads cover a lot of space on your blog and it looks quite confusing

So , i always suggest to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing if you are new to blogging

How to build a blog

It takes hardly 10 minutes to build a blog

The requirements to build a blog is a Domain and a hosting

So i am going to show you how you can build your review blog where you can write reviews and earn

Blog is the best way to write reviews and earn but there is one condition , it takes Persistence and knowledge

You are a beginner and want to start a blog check out –

Step 1 – Choose a specific topic (niche )

The crucial step of blog building is choosing a niche

Choosing a niche can depend on various factor like knowledge , trends , profits and people interests .

You can choose a niche in which you have a lot of knowledge or want to gain more knowledge .

In this case of writing reviews you are writing product reviews so you can write about products on a particular niche like Health , Tech , Softwares and many more

Please confirm that you take a niche which interests you and you can write quality content on that regularly otherwise you are not going to be consistent and that’s of no use

For instance , you chose a niche which you are not interested in and didn’t have much knowledge in that too

you will have no willingness to work and so you are not going to be profited from the blog .

So, choose the blog niche wisely . You can even do keyword research to find niche with high search volume .

For keyword research you would need a good SEO tool like Ahrefs keyword explorer and wordtracker

You can check out Premium keyword research and seo tools like Ahrefs and MOZ for cheap prices HERE

Step 2 – Get a Domain and Hosting

Buying a Domain and hosting is the only essential investment to start a blog

Domain will make the branding of your blog so keep the domain short and attractive and more personalized

Try to buy a .com as a domain

Hosting is like a piece of land on which a house is build

Hosting will provide a server to your blog

You can buy cheap and best web hosting from HOSTGATOR

HostGator Web Hosting

Host gator are the best hosting provider with great customer support

Step 3 – Install WordPress and start writing

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

After you have got your domain and hosting install WordPress and start .

Get a good Theme applied on your blog and use good info graphics when you are writing a review so to convert the audience you have on your article .

Provide the benefits of the product you are promoting and convince the audience so that they can buy from your link.

You can put images of the products and put the affiliate links

Step 4 – Share and Earn

After you have written posts of the products you are promoting Share your blog on social sites , do SEO to increase traffic and audience

Once you are getting more than 1000 visitors per day , the conversions will start and visitors will start buying from your affiliate links17

Write more and more posts and engage with your audience .

After you have wrote more than 15 posts you can signup for Google Adsense display ads on your blog and earn


Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Swagbucks is a legit online earning site which pays for your valuable feedback . 

Swagbucks is free and has paid about about $430 million to the persons looking to earn by writing product reviews .

If you don’t have time to start you own blog or you want to earn without starting a blog , Swagbucks is definitely for you .

Swagbucks also didn’t requires a proper setup like a laptop , high speed internet You just need your smartphone and earn .

You can earn at Swagbucks by –

  1. Writing surveys for videos , mobile applications
  2. Writing surveys for services like Fiverr , Doordash , Airbnb
  3. Writing surveys for YouTube videos  and blogging content
  4. Earn cashback by shopping at Swagbucks shopping portals
  5. Use Swagbucks search engine 

Swagbucks is pretty useful for moms, working individuals and students who didn’t get much of spare time they can easily use Swagbucks and earn around 5$ per day ( 500 Swagbucks points )

Swagbucks is a great way to convert your free time into useful money making time

How Swagbucks pays

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Swagbucks pay you through SB points ( Swagbucks points )

Different tasks like surveys , videos , application review , playing games , search engine browsing pay different amounts of SB points

Different surveys have different payouts like some could pay even 50$ and some pay around 1-2 $

Usually surveys pay 40-200 SB points , it depends on the time taken by the survey .

1 SB point = 0.01 $ and 100 SB = 1$ which is an amazing deal

What to do with SB points ?

You can redeem SB points for AMAZON and WALMART gift voucher or you can redeem SB points for PayPal money

1000 SB points can get you 10$ PayPal cash or 10 $ of Amazon or Walmart vouchers

Swagbucks also provides cashback offers on shopping through Swagbucks shopping portal

You can check out for offers on Swagbucks and can get a really awesome deals .


In a nutshell , Swagbucks is 100% worth it if you spend even little amount of time on it .

Using and earning from Swagbucks is not a rocket science , so non technical guys are welcomed

One of the best feature of Swagbucks is that it is FREE to use .

SO go and create your account at Swagbucks and start earning .

How to Sign up for Swagbucks and Earn !

  • Sign up with your Email and password and create your account .
  • Now complete your profile and earn SB points
  • After completing your profile , do offers and start earning


Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Medium.com is blogging platform like blogger and WordPress where anyone can publish articles

Medium.com is like your own blog where you can write posts and they even rank on search engines and you get traffic but the articles are in the control of medium.com

Medium. com is a great platform to earn by writing reviews and is 100% legitimate .

No technical knowledge is required to write blog on medium.com , If you are not willing to start your own blog Medium.com is the key to write and earn .

You can write reviews for any products , movies , services on Medium.com and you also don’t require any niche to select .

A great benefit of writing on Medium.com is that it has a huge traffic base , you can take advantage of this great traffic and earn a lot .

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Ways to earn from Medium.com

As i said Medium.com has a lot of potential , you can earn a lot from that , but how ?

There are different ways you can earn from it and get benefited from huge traffic –


AFFILIATE MARKETING Affiliate marketing is a such a great way of earning that it can be used in any platform and has massive returns .

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Here , in Medium.com luckily you are permitted to use affiliate links in your articles .

Affiliate marketing + Medium.com can be a Great way of earning if done in a right way .

As you want to write reviews and earn , you can write reviews of any product or services you want .

If you want to write reviews of upcoming Software you can join JVzoo , CJ affiliate

If you want to review products you can join Amazon , clickbank

By joining these networks you can get affiliate links and you are ready to start earning

Write a quality article of about 2000-3000 words on medium.com and see it ranking on google like this

The traffic is directly proportional to affiliate sales and affiliate commissions

The more the traffic the more sales and more commissions

MEDIUM PARTNER PROGRAM – Anyone can join medium partner program if you want to earn with writing

Medium partner program is for writers at Medium.com to monetize their valuable content they have published for Medium readers .

Medium pays monthly amount to the writers at Medium.com who have turned it on .

You can turn on medium partner program even if you are a new writer , there is no eligibility criteria for medium partner program .

you can turn on partner program just by linking your payment account with medium account .

Unfortunately , Medium partner program is limited to some countries only , You can CHECK HERE which countries are allowed


Medium takes subscription fee from reader and provides them top stories to read , this fee is around 5$ per month

If a reader who is a membership holder of medium , claps ( likes ) the readers content a part of fee is paid to the partner writer as a monthly fee

Payment is also calculated if readers read an article for long time , more engagement = more payout .

If a non-member reader at medium becomes member after reading your story ( article ) , you will be paid some portion of his subscription fee too .

Amazon Vine

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Amazon vine is the invite only program for trusted reviewers from Amazon to review products .

As per Amazon , Reviewers are ranked and on the basis of reviewers rank amazon invites them to give their opinion about the upcoming products

Vine reviewers have all authority of the reviews , they can post positive as well as negative review to the vendors

Vendors and even Amazon cannot edit or delete the reviews by vine reviewers

Top reviewers are invited for vine voice , and given the full authority .

Vine reviews stand off the other reviews by a Badge of VINE VOICE and TOP REVIEWER

Amazon Vine was started to give the customers a better advice of whether to buy this product or not

This reviews influence the choice of customers , a good review can push a customer to buy that product

How to get Amazon Vine invite ?

Reviewers who give quality reviews on amazon products and sellers and are helpful to the customers are selected for Amazon vine .

There is a ranking system in Amazon Vine selection , the reviews which are helpful to most of the customers are ranked higher than others

The more the customers will click this comment was helpful the more highly ranked you will be

One review with thousands of customer votes has more weightage than thousand reviews with no customer votes in ranking

So, always try to write helpful and quality content which help the customers always , describe in depth about the products you are reviewing .

Do Amazon pays to Vine Voice ?

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

No , the Amazon vine voice are not paid to write the helpful reviews BUT they are provided with the newly launched product so that they can review it and attract the customers .

Once you are invited by the Amazon Vine , you will be firstly provided with the Free product which is going to launch , so that you can review it as soon as possible .

You will be given the product in the niche where you write most of the reviews in .

So Amazon vine is one of the best way to write reviews and get the free latest products .


Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

Fiverr.com is a freelancing platform where you can sell your services in the form of gigs .

Its totally a FREE platform where anyone can earn by selling a piece of work that you are specialized in .

If we come to writing reviews and earn Fiverr.com can be a great place to earn by this method , only you have to signup at Fiverr.com as a seller and post gigs .

Reviews from past customers are a great advertising source to make a business profitable .

Every business looks for positive reviews by their customers so that they can attract new ones by showing the reviews .

For instance , before purchasing an item we also research for the product’s reviews on YouTube and google and the positive comments can make us buy that item .

If you are also a business owner and want to scale up your business by showing reviews and attract customers , you can get FREELANCERS to do write reviews for your business

Some business also try to get positive reviews by paying to the reviewer to write a good review for their product which they can advertise , so sometimes they hire freelancers and Fiverr.com is one of the best freelance website

Here you can earn a good amount by writing reviews , here you can see some the freelancers who write reviews and earn .

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

How much you can earn from Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com gives you full authority to set the price for your services , but i will suggest you to do market research and put reasonable price for writing reviews

Mostly review writers charge 5$ – 40$ for writing reviews for Films , apps , products , videos , websites and many more .

If you provide good value to customers and be responsive you can earn lot of profits at fiverr.com

  • Lets take a case of review writing freelancer in Fiverr.com

This is a GIG of a book and movie reviewer at Fiverr.com

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

She takes around 10$ for writing a review , which is average price in the market and both reasonable for seller and buyer .

This is her introduction

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

As you can see her average response time is 1 hour , which is really good and also she is a new member since MARCH 2020

Now , lets check the stats of her GIG and how much she has earned

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

As you can see she is a level 1 seller , with 5 star ratings from 79 customer .

Usually , only one- forth customers do ratings so the total orders which she has done will be

= 79 X 4 = 316 + 3 orders in queue = 319 orders

How much she has earned from 319 orders = 319 X 10$ = 3190 $ just by writing reviews

In 4 months she has earned around 3000 $ as a reviewer which is quite amazing

Now you can see the potential in fiverr.com and earning through writing reviews .

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How to get most out of the above methods

Legit ways to get paid to write reviews for products

How you can even even earn from Fiverr.com with writing reviews and stories even if you are a beginner ?

If you want to succeed as a reviewer and get most out the opportunities i have presented above , you should have to be perfect at writing reviews and storytelling because stories let your customers to believe in you

writing a review need more tactics , so that customers can get most out of your reviews

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