How to make money on Medium – medium writing tips for beginners

medium writing

Want to start a blog and earn online ?

But you fear you don’t have proper knowledge or you lack investment to buy hosting and domain .

What if i tell you a platform where you have to only write posts and do not need investment ?

And you can earn same or more than a blog without knowledge of SEO , any technical knowledge , no stress of getting backlinks .

Yes, it is possible !

The platform is MEDIUM

Lets check out how to make money on Medium and Medium writing tips for beginners .

What is MEDIUM.COM ?

medium writing

Medium is a public website on internet which allows users to put content on it and share the ideas or thoughts with other users .

Actually it can be called a public blog .

Medium is ranked 244th website in global rank with 199.26 million visitors .

What you write on medium really matters as it can be seen by 60 million readers on medium .

medium writing

Readers have to select the topics they are interested to read in medium and they are ready to go to read the stories ( articles )

Every reader appreciates the story by pressing the clap button .

The more the claps the best the article .

If you are beginner to writing and don’t know how to write , just stick with me till the end as writing on medium can really change your life .

Medium writing oppurtunities

Medium writing opportunity is available for everyone on the planet .

Anyone can go sign up and start writing .

There are no eligibility criterias on medium .

How to start writing on medium ?

Starting to write on medium is the easiest thing .

Just go on .

medium writing

Click on Get Started and fill up your details .

medium writing

You can sign up with any of the options available .

Boom , You are ready to go .

Just click on the option of new story and start publishing .

Its that simple .

Medium can be a great place to share your ideas and thoughts with millions of people .

You have to get some good writing tricks to attract medium members and seriously make money on medium.

Medium requires quality content as well as strategies which we will discuss below .

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How to make money on medium

Medium pays writers on monthly basis on the basis of some guidelines .

Medium checks these guidelines and pays writers .

Writers have to get into serious medium writing to get a substantial income .

6,386.48 $ is the highest earnings from a single story in June 2020 .

This earning potential in Medium can help many writing beginners to shift on Medium writing .

5.7% writers have earned over 100$ in Medium so you have to work hard to get in this category and to break all the barriers of earning .

Medium writer have to turn on their monetisation to get paid by medium .

This is called Medium Partner Program .

Medium partner program

Medium partner program is a monetisation program of Medium .

Medium partner members are paid for medium writing .

Medium partner program pays writer on how much readers engage with their content .

The more readers engage and the more they engage defines the earnings of writer .

How to get into medium partner program ?

Luckily , there is no eligibility criteria to join Medium partner program .

Medium will pay every writer on medium partner program .

You have to just connect your bank account with partner program and here you go .

Just follow the steps to how to join bank account .

medium writing

Go to

Click on join medium partner program

medium writing

Agree to terms and conditions

Now Setup payouts

You will need to setup your payment account via stripe .

medium writing

Click setup payouts on stripe

You will be directed here

medium writing

Put up your info and and verify mobile and you are ready to earn from medium .

Once you joined the medium partner program , you will get these features

1. You will get a partner dashboard to view your analytics .

2. Your story details will tell you all lifetime earnings of the story .

3. You will be able to get daily reader engagement and estimated earning of the story .

How does medium pays writers

Medium pays writers on the basis of engagements on the stories by medium members .

When a paying member reader of medium spends time on a story of a writer the writer is paid a piece of membership subscription .

Readers on medium can read only 5 stories per month and they are not able to read members only content .

Reader have to upgrade to become medium members to read unlimited stories and members only content by paying 5 $ per month .

This monthy fee of a reader is shared among the writers of the stories which this reader spends time on .

The guidelines which medium uses to pay writers is –

1. Medium pays writer a percent of membership fee of medium members on the basis of time they spend on writers story . If the medium member reads a writers story for 10% of his time 10% of membership fee is paid to the writer .

2. Is a non paying reader of medium takes membership in 30 days of reading a writer’s story the calculated cut is paid to the writer .

How to make posts eligible to earn in medium ?

Once you have joined medium partner program

The next step is to write quality stories which will engage audience .

  • Click on top right profile picture and click new story .
  • Start writing good content which will engage readers .
  • Put images and videos so that readers spend a good time in your story .
medium writing

After you have written a good story set it eligible to earn .

After you publish a story click on the option to make your story to be eligible to earn revenue .

medium writing

Once you make the story eligible to earn now it will be automatically sent to Medium’s curator review .

If your story meet the curator guidelines it will be showed to the reader in relevant topics .

After that you are ready to earn from medium .

Medium partner program earnings

Medium writing can pay you good amount monthly on the basis of how much time readers spent reading your stories .

But you have to engage the readers to read your story for that you can follow my tips down .

Now how much you can earn from Medium writing ?

We can see Medium has a lot of earning potential so anyone can sign up and earn a good amount from medium partner program .

So start writing on Medium today only and you can make a good income from medium writing .

Also Medium pays bonuses to writers on medium if your content is very appreciative .

medium writing
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More ways to earn on Medium

Affiliate Marketing

One way to earn from Medium is Medium partner program .

Other can be affiliate marketing .

Yes! Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing links can be placed in Medium writings but with some guidelines .

You must disclose about the presence of affiliate links in your post so to make the links to be allowed .

medium writing

If you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing , You can check out my blog post on What is Affiliate MArketing and hot to earn from it ?

You can add affiliate links of suitable products in your stories to monetize them with Affiliate marketing .

As Medium gets a lot of traffic so there are good chances you can make good income from affiliate Marketing in Medium .

You can even sell your own products at Medium and get a lot of customers and revenue .

Driving traffic to your Blog

Other Ways can be to drive traffic to your blog through medium where you sell your own products or affiliate products .

The traffic from medium can be converted and you can earn from your blog .

If you have monetized your blog by advertising networks , more traffic will give you more page views and clicks which can give you more revenue .

Even if you have YouTube channel you can get traffic from Medium .

How to drive Traffic to your blog from medium ?

Driving traffic from Medium can be really beneficial but how to do it ?

Medium really helps bloggers to do this .

You can import your blog post to Medium story with one single click .

medium writing

Medium automatically set your story as canonical so to protect the content from being penalized .

You can just import the starting material on your blog and just put a read more link to your blog post url .

Interested readers will definitely click the read more button and up being on your site .

You can collect email of that visitors and convert them .

Medium vs your own blog

What is more profitable MEDIUM WRITING or WRITING ON YOUR OWN BLOG ?

medium writing

Writing on medium is beginner friendly due to the already built traffic on Medium .

Also , Beginners can join Medium Partner program easily and earn good amount on Medium .

But Medium is offcourse not your own platform it is regulated and controlled by Medium team

Medium teams can make any changes in your account or stories and even promoting stories is in the hand of Medium . so this makes no brainer to rely on Medium for regular income


If you have your own blog you have full control on your content and you can have full authority over it .

However , Starting a blog and making it successful is really a difficult task and its not beginner friendly .

Blog takes time to rank and get organic traffic opposite to medium which has 99.99% of organic traffic .

Also it takes time and skills to make a reliable income from your blog but when when it is making money it has no end .

There is no limit of how much money can you make on your own blog .

Having your own blog can make you money for longer period and is successful in long run Whereas Medium writing can be good for short period of time , you can take it as hobby .

Medium partner program india

Medium partner program can only be joined via stripe .

and unfortunately stripe is not fully functional in INDIA as well as BRAZIL

The stipe is only is in preview mode in India .

So Indian Medium writers cannot earn money from Medium Partner Program .

medium writing

But don’t worry you can earn from medium as i have suggested other ways to earn from MEDIUM above .

Medium also don’t uses Paypal as an option to pay writers .

Medium writing tips

How can you get more traffic and income from medium ?

Here are some Medium writing tips

1. Write triggering titles and quality content

Try to put interesting titles to get more views .

Interesting titles can be one which have emotions or more personalized .

Don’t write such long stories and useless content , try to be natural and provide up to the mark content .

Usually readers don’t read such a long stories try to keep it short and accurate and provide readers what they want .

Always use “you” and “me” in your stories .

2. Start your story with a question

Always try to put a question in your story like this

medium writing

Asking a question will literally make an interest in readers mind and he/she will definitely stick to the whole story .

This will increase their read time and your income .

3. Try to write on trending topics

medium writing

Try to write stories on trending topics .

You can research on Google trends for trending topics .

Try to look for what readers need or what is going on which you can write .

Trending topics will be really interesting for readers to read .

Or you can cover some really controversial NEWS .

4. Put attractive Images in your story

Try to enrich your stories with attractive images .

This will stick readers till end .

Put really beautiful images in your stories and which are really suitable to your stories .

5. Put suitable tags

Tags can be really important to promote your stories .

Always put suitable related tags in your stories .

Don’t try to put irrelevant tags this may downgrade your stories .

Medium writing jobs

Medium writing has a lot of opportunity earn as a writer , affiliate marketer , Blogger .

Medium also provides jobs online you can check out here MEDIUM WRITING JOBS

medium writing

Medium provides a lot of opportunity from medium writing to designing , marketing , operations , product and many more .

You can definitely check out and apply if you are in a need of job .

Medium app

Medium has also got an app where you can write and read stories .

It is available for IOS as well as android devices .

You can even start Medium writing on phone which can be super handy and easy .

And yo can even start earning from your phone .

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