What is affiliate marketing and How to earn a whopping 10,000$ from it monthly ?

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is quite a trending topic nowadays , this can be because of boom in Digital Marketing industry

This boom has created a thousands of careers , employment and changed lives of millions of people all over the world

Talking about What is Affiliate Marketing specifically , It is one of the easiest and best method to earn online

Whether you have to monetize your blog , Videos , website or you are running a paid campaign Affiliate Marketing is the best

With so much of praise of this earning method , i think you would be more excited to check out more about Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from it ?

With a lot of excitement , Lets checkout What is AFFILIATE MARKETING ?

Affiliate Marketing is selling and promoting 3rd party products by marketing or any other way is called AFFILIATE MARKETING

Affiliate Marketing is a WIN – WIN situation for all the parties involved like Manufacturer of the product or service , the affiliate marketer and the customer .

By WIN WIN it means everyone is in this model is profited and every one is happy .


How Affiliate Marketing works ?

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing and how it works ?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing design based on commissions .

It is a part of Digital Marketing industry which has benefitted thousands of aspiring bloggers , YouTubers and online earners .

Affiliate marketing works when producers or manufacturers connect with big affiliate platforms or market their product as an affiliate on their own

Now this product is picked up by thousands of affiliate marketers and promoted

There are different methods to promote Affiliate products which will discuss further

Now when this affiliate marketers get the affiliate link the work diligently to promote the affiliate link which creates awareness of the product among the audience and helps producers to make huge revenue

And then comes the main party , Consumers who buy the product from the affiliate links of the affiliate marketers and help them earn some piece of the commission .

There are different types of affiliate offers

  • PPC ( PAY PER CLICK ) – The affiliate marketer is paid When someone clicks on the affiliate links and directs to the offer address
  • PAY PER LEAD – Affiliate marketers are paid an amount when a a user clicks on the link and performs a specific task like sign up , Click , like
  • PAY PER SALE – When a user buys from an affiliate link and affiliate marketer is paid .

AS an Affiliate marketer there are a lot of products to promote .

The Different types of product you can promote are

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS – Physical products are those which you can touch and the commission is paid when order is successfully delivered to the consumer .

You can promote physical products from AMAZON Associate which is the biggest affiliate program

You can also check How to join and earn from Amazon Associate ?

Physical products tend to pay a lot less commissions as compared to digital products .

These products offer only 5-10% per price of the product .

According to new update of Amazon associates these commissions have decreased more , You can see the new commission rates

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

DIGITAL PRODUCTS – Digital products are the products which you cannot touch .

This type of products involve Ebooks , Softwares , Courses , Hosting , Domains

These type of products can be found on affiliate platforms like JVzoo , Clickbank , CJ affiliates many E-products can also be found at Amazon Associate

Digital Products pay good commissions which can range 50 – 90 % of product price

Promoting Digital products is quite profitable and gives huge returns .

SERVICES – Affiliate marketing also allows you to promote services of freelancers .

Fiverr affiliate program allows you to get paid when someone hires freelancers from your affiliate link .

Here also you can get good rates of commissions .

How Affiliate Marketing is WIN WIN model ?

Affiliate Marketing involves 3 parties – AFFILIATE MARKETER , MANUFACTURER and CONSUMER

What is affiliate marketing secret to be the best ?

Everyone put a good profit in their pockets in this model . Lets see how ?

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing


Manufacturers are the producers of a products or a service providers in the market

Manufacturer or producer launch product in the market and do marketing of the product to sell it , here affiliate marketing comes in the play

If the manufacturer wants to promote its product with affiliate marketing they can sign up at Big affiliate networks like Clickbank , JVzoo, CJ affiliates

Here affiliate marketers can approach the manufacturer if they like the product and want to promote it

After the approval of manufacturers , affiliate marketers can get their affiliate links and they are ready to promote and sell the product

Once a affiliate marketer sells a product , the manufacturer has to pay the affiliate marketers a piece of commission from the profits which can be 10-15 % for physical products and it can be 25-75% for the digital products .

So , by giving some amount as a commissions to the Affiliate marketers , Manufacturer can get more sales and more revenue .


Consumers are the people like you and me surfing the internet and looking variety of products available online

Think what you do before buying something online ? YES ! we look for reviews for the product and check whether its a quality product or not

And when we go to google and search for some reviews , we get a lot of results there which we look and make up our mind .

Let’s suppose you are creating a blog and you need hosting for your blog

You will go to google and check out ” Best hosting for blog ”

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

This type of results will come up . Leaving up the ads we can see results like these

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Most probably you will check the first result which is wpbeginner.com and check out best hosting for you blog

Here you will see the comparison of different WordPress hosting and provided good offers for visitors to buy from its affiliate links

Wpbeginner have provided coupon like this which can help visitors get good offer

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

SO , in Affiliate marketing we the consumers can sometime get awesome deals on product we want to buy .

So , Affiliate marketing benefits the consumer with great offers .


Affiliate marketer is the one who definitely gets profited .

By working hard for one time the affiliate marketer can earn purely Passive income even for lifetime .

There are many affiliate marketing programs too which pay recurring payments every month , this provides a good sustainable income .

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

In order to earn from affiliate marketing , marketers need to have a good traffic on the website or they should have a proper knowledge of how to start a good affiliate campaign

Many of you might want to be an affiliate marketer and don’t know how to start and what to learn about or how to gather traffic

Don’t worry , You just need to stick with me till the end and i will surely provide some techniques and some of the advanced knowledge which some of the marketers not disclose and which will change your financial status .

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be difficult for those who are new in online world .

If you have a blog or YouTube channel and you are getting some quality traffic who have trust on you than Affiliate Marketing can be quite easy .

The main necessity for Affiliate Marketing is ” Traffic ” and not only traffic but ” QUALITY TRAFFIC ” and most of the beginners lack at it .

The coming audience should have ” TRUST ” on you and your content if you want to earn from Affiliate Marketing

Don’t be nervous on these things , just stick with me to know how to build traffic with trust .

Traffic with trust can be build around with the help of one simple method for both YouTube and Bloggers and that is “PROVIDING QUALITY CONTENT “


Quality content will help in 2 ways

1. It will help your audience to build trust on you and your channel

2. It will increase your rankings

If you are a blogger , Quality content help can help you increase your rankings in SERPs ( First page ranking on Google ) and your audience will be happy with your content

Even the other bloggers will link out to your great content which will increase your ranking .

If you are a YouTuber , building trust could be easy on audience with providing great content videos and solving problems of your audience .

If you are a totally a beginner , i will also tell how to you can create and grow your audience in many ways in some time .

How winning trust of audience can benefit in Affiliate Marketing ?

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Understanding the need of your audience and solving the problems of your audience will make your content worth it .

Once you got your audience and it trust in you and your content , you can sell anything .

Its the matter of trust and belief that can enforce your visitors to convert .

The quality content is only not enough for building targeted and quality audience .

There are many more secrets out there .

To get those , Lets check out

Also check Medium Writing to earn online .

How to build Quality , trusting Audience ?

Here are the following steps to win trust of your audience for Affiliate Marketing

Step 1 – Choose your Niche

The first and the Legendary step if you are starting something is finding your Niche , This step is mandatory even if you are starting Youtube , Blogging , Amazon selling , Freelancing or any Business .

What is niche and why it is so important ?

Meaning of “NICHE” from OXFORD Dictionary is “A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

Choosing your niche is setting your specific market whether it is Health , Wealth or Relationship which are evergreen niches .

Even you can choose Tech , Automobiles , Travel niches depending on your interest

The main fact is you have to select niche in which you are interested and you can provide unlimited content without being tedious .

Choosing a niche is important because the online world is too big and here every type of content is available .

If you want to make your individuality in this world you need to be specific so that if a person needs a content in your niche he/she gets your name in mind .

In order to grow online , choosing a niche is damn important .

If you have your niche and audience you can skip this step .

Step 2 – Find your Audience

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

After choosing your niche you have a segment of audience who are interested in your niche and will consume your content .

Now , you have to create awareness about your content so that people come to your content and consume it .

Now , as i have stated earlier your quality content will work like a magnet to attract audience .

Once , the audience likes your content they will become your regular visitor and most of them can also share your content with their near ones which will grow your audience .

The audience will only watch your content when your content will be visible to them or they know about your content .

So , here there are different ways to create awareness of your content.

1. Organic methods 2. Paid methods

Organic Methods

Organic methods include spreading your content in a specific medium without paying any money .

One of the best Organic method is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Basically , SEO is optimizing your website or video to come as first result in search engine if it is YouTube or Google ( For blog )

SEO is making your content to meet the guidelines to rank number 1 on search engines .

This organic method is the best to make people aware about your audience and get more views .

Seo is also a high income skill and you can do freelancing in SEO and earn good amounts .

Want to be an SEO specialist CLICK HERE

Other organic method can be to promote your content on social media .

Social media like Quora , Instagram , Pinterest , Facebook , YouTube can be used to promote your content .

Even SEO is done in social media to get more views and more likes .

Paid Methods

Paid method is using paid advertisements to promote your content on YouTube or Google

Advertisements are of many types like video ads , Banner ads , Search ads and Post ads .

Advertisements can be placed on different platforms like Facebook , Google , YouTube almost every social media app provides ads services .

Paid ads can be very powerful and fast . These can create a large audience in little time .

To get most out of these ads you should know the basics and how to run ads targeting your audience .

Step 3 – Find what your Audience needs

Now you have got your audience and they are consuming your content , now comes the part to create trust .

Trust can be build by interacting with your subscribers and viewers .

Always reply to comment on your videos or posts or blogposts .

Connect your audience with your social media and go live , create poles , reply to comments , answer your DMs .

These small things will really help in building deep connection with audience .

You can also do meetups with your subscribers and post pictures at social medias .

Also try to help your audience with your content .

For example , the digital marketer Neil Patel provides a quality content to the audience and we can see he also replies all his comments by himself , which is must to create trust with viewers .

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Step 4 – Provide demanded content

Now as you are interacting with your viewers , you can ask what type of content they need or any suggestions .

This will create a friendly feeling for you in audience .

Work on suggestions if given and try to be more engaging with viewers .

Try solving the problems of viewers by asking them if any .

Now , start promoting affiliate product on a problem of audience .

Your audience will take no longer than 2 minutes to buy that product and you earning commissions .

This type of relationship is really mandatory for long run .

Try solving more and more problems and earn as much as you want .

How to start Affiliate Marketing

Starting Affiliate Marketing is not a rocket science , You just sign up for affiliate link and start promoting .

But before promoting that you just need “QUALITY TRAFFIC ” Which i have guided hoe to build above .

You can build Quality Audience on following mediums –


What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Blog is a traditional way of Affiliate Marketing .

Its quite handy process to monetize your blog , just write about the product and put your affiliate links .

Many top bloggers just monetize their blog with Affiliate products .

There are so many ideas to do affiliate marketing with blog like –


Review blogs review products and services in their niche and put the affiliate link so that viewers can buy from there .

as viewers buy from that links , the blog earns commissions .

Writing review blog is very profitable but there is a lot of competition out there .

Try out products with low keyword difficulty and review them could be more profitable .

You can also research for upcoming products and try to review immediately after the launch which can help you rank good .


How blogs are problem solving Blogs where you can provide answer to “how to questions”

This idea can be really good to promote affiliate products .

For example , you wrote a blog on problem

” How to connect domain with hosting ? “

This question can be a problem for many people out there .

As you will write blog post to solve this question , you can add affiliate links to best hosting or cheap domains .

These affiliate products are related to your post and visitors will be interested to buy best offers on domain and hosting .


You can write long internet guides to help the beginners get some knowledges .

There are many ideas to write guides on .

for example , ” Beginner guide to Facebook Ads “

where promoting and selling ebooks and trainings as affiliate products can be a great idea .

You need to be expert in the topics you are writing for .


offers website is also an outstanding idea to promote affiliate products and offers .

Offers websites are alike e-commerce websites where the products are actually affiliate products

These websites get customers due to offers promoted by them .

For example , we can check out Slickdeals.net

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Slickdeals provides a lot of offers on products which attracts customers

All products are affiliate products as we can see if you want to buy this rice cooker at Slickdeals , it will direct you to Amazon

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

The links at Slickdeals are affiliate links

When someone buys from Amazon through Slickdeals , Amazon pays commissions to Slickdeals .


What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Youtube is a great source for audience as well as knowledge .

Most of the Youtube creators monetise their content with affiliate marketing

Youtube also offers great amount of pre build traffic .

You will also like 25 Best videos for YouTube ideas

The work here is to attract traffic as there is already a lot of traffic at YouTube .

Affiliate Marketing at Youtube is quite easy

as people are generally interested in the gears you used to make videos .

Many top content creators put affiliate links of their gears in the description where anybody interested can buy .

for instance , we can see Marques Brownlee ( one of top youtubers ) he reviews tech gadgets and he has got millions of subscribers.

Marques puts affiliate links from amazon to promote his gears .

He provides affiliate links and promotes products he uses , so when his audience will buy product from that link Marques will earn commission.


What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Instagram is the top emerging social media platform with over 1 billion active users every month .

This tells how much potential affiliate marketing has on instagram .

We can take example of Kylie jenner who is top influencer at instagram with 184 million followers .

She made a net worth of $900million by promoting her company’s products on instagram

so , why cant we promote Affiliate products and earn thousands of bucks ?

Here i can show you lots of instagram pages monetised by affiliate marketing .

The need is regular content and using some tactics

these tactics can be so helpful to change your life with affiliate marketing

click here , if you want a change .


What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Advertisement campaigns in affiliate marketing is promoting affiliate products with online ads .

Online ads can give instant and huge revenue if used with right strategies.

Ad campaigns require investment and i will not advice it for beginners until they have full knowledge .

Ads can be run on different platforms like YouTube , Facebook , Google ads .

Just pick up a right product and advertise to targeted location , demographics and interest people .

Start with free methods and when you gain momentum you can start ad campaigns to scale your affiliate marketing business .

Given methods can be used to start affiliate marketing and build an full passive stream .

Building trust with the audience is the secret sauce for profitable affiliate marketing .

Try to be legitimate , trusted and provide quality content if you want to win for long term in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Companies


The top affiliate marketing networks and companies are

Amazon Associates


Cj affiliates







Affiliate Marketing Examples

Affiliate Marketing examples can be seen anywhere on the internet .

Like i have shown the WPbeginner affiliate marketing strategy above .

Affiliate marketing is almost used by bloggers to monetize their content and they earn good amount than other sources to monetize .

As a best example for Affiliate Marketing , we can see PAT FLYNN

What is affiliate marketing , how does affiliate marketing works , how to earn from affiliate marketing

Pat Flynn has an income of more than $53,000 per moth and which is totally passive .

Pat flynn runs a blog called smartpassiveincome.com where he helps beginners to start Affiliate marketing and make a passive income stream .

Pat also has provided his all income report till now which you can check here .